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تاريخ التسجيل : 23/01/2013

مُساهمةموضوع: عرض خااااص ولفترة محدودة   الأحد يناير 27, 2013 7:30 pm

دلوقتى ممكن تتعلم انجليزى عن طريق مدرسين اجانب خبرة فى التدريس ادرس مرحتلين واحصل على الثالثة مجااااااااااااااااانا
Do you want to improve your English? Would English training help you to advance your career?
Have you studied English but have trouble conversing naturally?
Is it difficult for you to organize and communicate your thoughts in English quickly and clearly?
With an increased level of English and indeed with more fluency and better pronunciation, you will have far greater chances of:
• Getting a better Job
• Communicating with many new people
• Improved relationship opportunities
• Easier communication when travelling.
• More money!
How To Enjoy Learning English - We want you to learn to speak English, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. Learning English does not have to be boring
The English Conversation course is designed for intermediate to advanced English language level participants to help them learn how to organize their thoughts and converse in a more natural way.

Learning Outcomes
This course is designed for adult learners of English with a focus on verbal communication in everyday life and work environment. The emphasis is on speaking and pronunciation, and includes practice in vocabulary building and basic grammar for sentence construction. It is designed to give each learner maximum opportunity to hear, understand and speak the English Language. Through conversation feedback and response, learners will improve their speaking and pronunciation.
Course Outline
3 months, 3 levels, 72 hours
3 classes a week, 1 class – 2 hours

Students with the Intermediate level of English grammar and vocabulary are to be admitted

Pre-Intermediate - 24 hours
Intermediate - 24 hours
Upper-Intermediate – 24 hours

Course books:
Pre-Intermediate – New English File Pre-Intermediate by Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig
Intermediate - New English File Upper-Intermediate by Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig
Upper-Intermediate – New English File Upper-Intermediate by Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig

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